Out of the bleak landscape of rural South Germany, between huge industrial plants and dark, remote forests, comes ETERNAL ENGINE. Heavy fuzzed-out guitars, dark psychedelic melodies and dystopic lyrics are the blueprint. Slow and dragging, they wrestle their way through riffs made of lead, just to be absorbed in atmospheric jams. Driven by hypnotic grooves, earth-shattering bass and the mindset of progressive rock.

Founded sometime in 2014 by drummer Corbinian Schwarz and guitarist/vocalist Uwe Halmich out of the love for Stoner-Rock and the Heavy 70s. After two bass players and one year as 2-piece – in which their self-titled EP was released – they are finally completed by bass player Bouke van Haasteren.

Since their founding they played nearly 50 shows (one of them at the renowned Burg Herzberg Festival) and became a force on stage. Their debut album INTO THE VOID was released in march 2020. It tells 7 sories, from the top of the highest mountain, over the war-ravaged lands, to the deepest of hell and into the void of space.

Eternal Engine is:

  • Uwe Halmich (Vocals, Guitar)
  • Bouke van Haasteren (Bass)
  • Corbinian Schwarz (Drums)